Magda Goemans

M.A., Geography and Environmental Studies

I am a research consultant with a background in sustainable architectural design, geography and environmental studies, and I am dedicated to assisting individuals, communities and organizations in achieving positive environmental outcomes. I have analyzed case studies and assisted in the creation of pilot projects, and my services include report writing, data collection and analysis, interview and survey design and distribution, and community based social marketing approaches.

From an initial focus on green building design, my research ambitions have expanded to include efforts such as policy analysis and program evaluation towards the achievement of a range of urban and corporate sustainability goals, particularly in regard to climate change mitigation and adaptation. I am eager to demonstrate the ways in which my energy, creativity, and excellent research and writing skills would be valuable assets for your next project.

For a description of some of my previous research efforts, please view my projects.

Computer Skills:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • AutoCAD, VectorWorks
  • Adobe Photoshop


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